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1896. GOLD. Hedley was established as a rough and tumble mining area and two years later in 1898 it became a town. In its hay day, 52,900 kg of gold was pulled out of this mountain. At the corner of Scott and Haynes was the Grand Union Hotel first built in 1902 and now as a new building in 2021 is the Grand Union Cafe. Built with history in mind and inspired by good treats and great coffee as well as unique handcrafted art, furniture and objects of interest... this beautiful space offers you a great place to grab some java and relax in a historic small town.

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After the Hotel burned down in 1918 the second iteration of the proptery was built as what they called back then a "motor lodge" which still stands today in some form or other. This historic corner was part of a bustling gold town which had 6 hotels, dance halls, sports teams and the first Bank of Montreal west of Montreal in 1910.

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Who we are...

How it all began...

A picture history of our journey...

Terry and Valerie began this journey to a small town seven years ago. Coming from Salt Spring Island it was a by-chance road trip to source out organic plums for our newly started "Plum Ketchup" business. We rolled into Hedley when the local street dance was going on and thought - "Wow, some cool things going on here." We saw the property for sale and as they say -  the rest is History and the work began. Living quarters were constructed and a commercial kitchen was built to house and produce our sprouting business which is now run by Valerie's son. Rooms were updated and the Cafe/ Gallery was created just last year. This is overly simplified... the dream and passion of this story took a lot of hard, hard work. In the end nothing is really built without hard work, you just can't skip that process. When we sit back and look at our original dream - we are amazed and charmed at what we have created and what came to be real. Such an accomplishment by any measure - if we do say so ourselves.  The compliments that come this way make us so proud of what we have now cultivated into a magical place to spend time on those incredibly warm Okanagan nights. WONDERFUL is truly the word that gets used the most around here.

We'd love to see you here and welcome one and all from Canada and around the world.

Terry and Valerie

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