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Makers Lab is a small makers space that has the tools, the space and the skills to make almost anything.

If we can't make it, we know someone who can!

We have a small CNC Laser Cutter, Small Laser Engraver, Small 3D Printer, Sign Cutter, Jewellery Tools and work bench, Small Music Lab, Painting Easels, Small Mig Welder, T-shirt Press, Book Binding Area, Illustration Table or Writers Nook and a wealth of knowledge.

Terry Leonard Raven Sculpture.jpg
Let's Make It!

We can get you going on your own projects of any kind.


Soap Stone Urn, Created as a unique

memorial of a unique life lived. 2012.
12" Wide X 16" Tall

Created by: Terry Leonard

Let's Make it!

Create something for yourself, for a friend or for sale.


Hand hammered Copper Jewelery
Created by: Terry Leonard

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